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a high-tech initiative helping social good projects do more with data science

CAI believes in the power of data to change the world for the better.

CAI helps organizations understand their data through concrete insights. We offer unique and customized solutions to empower leaders doing social good.
At CAI, we strive to make our process as efficient and transparent as possible. We focus on tackling pressing real-world issues that have the biggest impact. Our core belief is that data technology can and should be a key tool in the mission to make the world a better place, no matter how big your budget is. We are proud to be an agile, ambitious, and approachable organization, where a little can go a long way.



Global Progress

September 22-23, 2018



May 16-18, 2018




United Nations World Food Programme: Meza

CAI is partnering with the UN World Food Programme’s (WFP) to build and deploy a digital solution that leverages the advancements in computer vision. Our innovative approach enables data collection in parts of the world where limitations in last-mile infrastructure render conventional solutions non-viable. The Meza system allows people in remote areas to take photos of written data and translate it to a digital format ready for analysis. Meza has been running for over a year in community health centres in Southern and Central Republic of Congo.

National Democratic Institute: Study on Online Violence against Women in Politics

In partnership with the National Democratic Institute, CAI uses Twitter data to assess the impact of online harassment on women’s online engagement with politics in Kenya, Indonesia, and Colombia. This is one of the first large-scale quantitative studies on this topic. The study results will be crucial towards evidence-based policy implementations that strive to increase female political engagement and strengthen democracies around the world.

Call for Applications

Charitable Analytics International is looking to partner with social good organizations on large scale data science projects that contribute to solving urgent global issues.

Data has the capacity to focus and magnify the impact of social good initiatives. The Charitable Analytics International team is highly skilled in translating your data into cutting-edge, real-world solutions. We are currently inviting project proposals related to three separate stages of data science projects:

data collection, data tools, and data analysis.


Applications are taken on a rolling basis. 

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